Extending issues in GitHub


Details on features used in GitHub for creating issue templates and labels, particularly the use of wontfix.

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Using templates

In Settings (the last tab along the top of a GitHub repository which starts Code… Issues… Pull Requests) there is now section in the General for issue templates. Selecting the Green button for Set up templates takes you to a drop down selection box saying Add template and select.

There are 3 templates available and all can be customised, bug report, feature request and custom template.

In the internal package the team uses we have:

as the package is the link between the SQL data warehouse and R.

Every time a template is added or updated this adds a commit to the history.

Issue tags/labels

Using the issue template you can also add the labels that are appropriate like bug. Our internal package mainly uses:

and one that is being used more frequently now when the issue is related to the SQL database or another package’s issue wontfix.

For example, the package used to access the SQL database retrieves data from different databases using {dbplyr} and so if any code attempts to join the two we get the error:

Error in `auto_copy()`:
! `x` and `y` must share the same src.
i set `copy` = TRUE (may be slow).

which is related to an issue that was closed in 2018 from {bigrquery}. This is referenced in the issue but with the label wontfix for reference. In fact, two issues have been created now!

References to other packages

If you reference another issue from someone else’s repository it will appear in their GitHub issue with the description mentioned this issue....

If it’s from a restricted private package only you will see the reference.


If you see mistakes or want to suggest changes, please create an issue on the source repository.


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